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wave quilt collection

wave quilt collection

introducing a completely new look for your go-to bag: our wave quilt collection. designed with a premium nylon that’s notably different from our o.g. bags while retaining the softness and wearability you love! inspired by the classic bomber jacket, a perennial style staple, this silky soft, water-resistant nylon nails that trademark satin sheen. the look is fresh. refined. stitched wave upon wave for a modern take on quilted crossbody handbags. the luxe details you expect from us are the same. softer, smarter and more organized, now served in wave quilted, satin-look nylon crossbody bags. timeless style. new wave.

a new wave of better bag

how do you design a more functional bag without sacrificing style? make it softer. lighter. craft it with an organic, streamlined silhouette to hug your curves, naturally. introduce this new wave of timeless style in a better quilted handbag: the wave quilted cruiser crossbody, for cruising through the day. hands-free. feeling cute. design it for everyday use with a luxurious, satiny nylon that — crazy but true — spot-cleans with simple soap and water. and finally, add a fun boardwalk strap for a custom look. done. shortyLOVE. we thought of everything.

solutions to swoon over

the look differs from our o.g. bags, but the attention to detail remains satisfyingly shorty when it comes to our new nylon, wave quilted crossbody bags. the same high-quality hardware. the same sturdy zippers that open wide. the same added strength at pressure points. structured padding and our signature blush lining (of course). so what’s new with wave quilted cruiser crossbody handbags? the organic shape. a wide gusset to help the bag stand upright so you can load it or find where that stray receipt got to. a handy key leash. shortyLOVE. the details matter.