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how to choose a cosmetic bag for travel

6月 28、2024

Stevie Sketch

packing for a vacay is hard enough before you even get to your skincare regimen, haircare, makeup and other little essentials. first, you must ensure all those tubes and pots and bottles are the right size for tsa (how many ounces is it again?). then it’s getting them organized in your cosmetic bag. ready to go, yet? nope, you still have to fit it into your luggage, which is already full. sigh. this is going to take a while.

supposing any of that sounded familiar, hello, friend! you’re not alone when it comes to packing challenges! but i’m here to tell you: things can be a little easier with the right cosmetic bag for travel. wondering where to begin? here’s how to choose a better, smarter travel companion.

bringing size into the convo

size matters. there, i said it. and if you’ve ever tried to zip up a bulging, over-filled, too-small cosmetic bag, you probably agree. it’s essential to choose a bag with plenty of room to hold everything you need comfortably. it just comes down to choosing the right size for you. how long is your trip? are you a cosmetics queen? are you carrying sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, etc., for the whole family? asking yourself these questions will help you find your perfect cosmetic bag.

the struggle is real, i know. that’s why i set out to create a makeup and cosmetic bag for travel that means business. fits your travel-size beauty regimen. opens wide so you can see all your stuff. whether you’re a makeup maven or a bewitching beauty with endless lotions and potions, stevie is easy to use, easy to care for and always ready to take flight.

opt for organization

an organized cosmetic bag can make or break your morning. trust me. it’s no fun trying to find that one lip gloss or hair tie in an overcrowded bag — especially as your travel companion gives you the side eye as they wait. a makeup bag with a few clever pockets can make all the difference. sign me up, like yesterday! choose a cosmetic bag for travel with some organization to make finding your stuff and getting ready 10 times easier.

stevie may look small at first glance, but she’s the ideal size and can handle a lot. pop-red zip pocket for hair ties and other small essentials, so you don’t have to chase them around the bottom of your bag. slide pocket to keep slim items like mascara and a toothbrush accessible. holds a ton of makeup and skincare. she’s a free spirit with a thing for organization.

something easy to clean

cosmetics and other toiletries can be messy, but your bag shouldn’t have to pay the price. no matter how diligent you are about tightening lids, the occasional spill or leak is bound to happen. that’s why you want an easy-to-clean cosmetic bag for travel. something that you can wipe with ease. no one wants to panic-clean a cosmetic bag on vacation. or at home. or at the gym. or anywhere. crafted with a coated, signature-blush nylon lining and a water-resistant nylon twill body, a quick wipe-down or spot clean with plain ol’ soap and water is all that’s needed if stevie gets smudged with your new foundation.

are you flying? i jokingly brought up tsa up above, but it’s worth touching on one of their rules just briefly. whether you’re tucking your cosmetic bag into your carry-on or packing it into your checked luggage, you’ll need to zip your liquids, gels and aerosols into quart-sized bags — so basically anything that might possibly leak. you can tuck that into your cosmetic bag for easy retrieval and remove everything once at your destination. a pain, yes. but since air pressure changes have the potential to create a disaster in your bag, this rule has its advantages!

something that defies water

remember how i said you should choose an easy-to-clean cosmetic bag? material makes all the difference. as lovely as they look, suede and leather are notoriously tricky to clean — a problem when your cosmetic bag’s natural environment is on a bathroom vanity next to the sink. i want a cute bag that can shed water and isn’t a pain to clean — is that so much to ask? coated nylon is known for its resilience and water-resistance, meaning it provides your cosmetic bag for travel with protection. the water resistance of nylon also helps prevent spills from seeping into your bag and ruining everything inside.

take another cue from stevie: you want a chic and organized cosmetic bag with a sturdy, chunky vislon zipper like hers — never metal, which will eventually corrode or rust. that’s a mess and a sure way to throw your money down the drain. avoid at all costs!

style matters, too

a stylish cosmetic bag isn’t as important as an organized one, but it’s definitely a plus. i know for a fact how cute stevie looks sitting atop the vanity at some magical destination, since i’ve brought my own to quite a few. you can picture it yourself, can’t you?

i designed stevie with classic, dopp-kit styling in a range of colorways — including leopard. find the one that vibes with your style or coordinates with your other shortyLOVE bags. so you can raise your travel game, effortlessly.

think about packability

and now to the big one: packability. if you’re like me, you’ve had trouble packing your bag at one point or another. i want to know i can tuck my cosmetic bag into my friday weekender, boxer backpack or tillie tote without worrying about space. so, a cosmetic bag for travel that will make packing more accessible for me is a total win.

size and craftsmanship both have an impact. big, hard-shelled cosmetic bags — practical but take up too much precious bag space. tiny cosmetic bags — easier to pack but not useful. but a just-right bag that’s cute, cubed and fits everything i’ll need? ding, ding, ding! stevie is plush for packability, yet has structured internal padding to help hold shape in and out of your luggage. your dream cosmetic bag for travel come to life.

take flight

this is your captain speaking. the forecast for your trip looks bright and problem-free with the right cosmetic bag by your side.

i can’t stress enough how important it is to choose an organized cosmetic bag for travel that gives you everything you want and more. style. plush packability. fits your makeup and cosmetics comfortably. it’s your one-way ticket to vacation paradise. your return date? let’s just pencil it in for now. happy travels!

xo — sloane