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how to keep bags in good condition

2月 14、2024

large crossbody messenger bag

in case you didn’t realize it by now, i love handbags. i think it’s incredible how they can not only serve a functional purpose but make each and every one of us feel stylish. while i could go on about my love of all things bags, i’ll spare you (for now!). the point is, these bags — big and small — do so much for us. so why is it that so often we don’t give our bags the care they deserve? after all, proper care is what is going to keep them in their best shape for years to come. time to give our bags some tlc. let’s take a look at how to keep bags in good condition.

clean your shortyLOVE bag

if your shortyLOVE bag is like mine, it goes through a lot. trips outside no matter the weather. small, accidental spills after that midday coffee run (oops!). all that we put bags through can take its toll. want to know how to keep bags in good condition? it’s not going to take much time, i promise. as a busy business owner/bag designer on the go, i know how important it is for bags to be easy to care for — so i designed ours to be easy to clean, store and organize!

whether you’re heading out for errands with your shortyLOVE bag or on a trip with your massive shortyLOVE friday weekender travel bag, you’ll be out in the real world with our water-resistant nylon twill fabric that’s — yep, you guessed it — actually designed for the real world. just spot clean with mild detergent, air dry and you’re done. don’t forget to get your bag’s interior, too! turns out learning how to keep handbags in good condition doesn’t have to be as extensive as a youtube cleaning tutorial.

know where (and where not) to store your bag

an essential part of knowing how to keep bags in good condition is knowing the best way to store them.. i know i’m guilty of not always protecting my bags the way they should be. how about you?

the first step is knowing where you should and shouldn’t keep your bag when not out on the town. shortyLOVE bags are durable but not indestructible! did you know that placing any bag in prolonged direct sunlight can cause discoloration and impact overall condition? that includes shortyLOVE bags, so let’s look at what you can do to help keep those colors vibrant.

how to keep handbags in good condition do’s and don’ts: storage edition

do: keep bags in a dark, dry place with adequate ventilation to keep them safe from dust and damage. we don’t want anything scratching our bags! i designed our bags to store completely flat — just like they arrived at your door when we shipped them. that makes them ideal for a drawer, although a shelf will do.

don’t: store in an area with direct sunlight. you’re the one that needs daily vitamin d — not your bag.

keep it clutter-free

bags can sometimes become a black hole for well… everything. if you know, you know. one of the not-so-obvious steps to learning how to keep bags in good condition is to keep them clutter-free. besides weighing you down, all those unnecessary extras migrating around the bottom of your bag might end up marring your otherwise lovely blush nylon lining.

keeping your bag free of clutter isn’t always as simple as it sounds, i get it. to make it a little easier, try to make a habit of decluttering once a week. totally worth it, trust me.

occasional decluttering, along with containing pens, lipsticks and sharp objects, can go a long way toward keeping your bag’s interior looking as good as new. let’s talk more about that…

take advantage of organization

organization probably doesn’t sound like part of how to keep bags in good condition — yet it can be surprisingly helpful. all those essentials we love can, unfortunately, become the culprits of interior stains. that stray lip balm that melts? what a mess. that new bold lipstick you took a chance on in the store? stunning shade on you. on your bag? not so much. that’s where organization comes in. stash things where you know you’ll be able find them and where they can do the least amount of damage. i designed storage compartments into shortyLOVE bags for a reason!

take the boxer, for example. plenty of storage space for larger stuff, sure, but it also has a zip pocket and a cute detachable pouch for your smaller essentials. take advantage of the organization solutions our bags provide, tuck it in a compartment or maybe add a small stevie cosmetic bag to your main bag. it’s one of the simplest things you can do when learning how to keep bags in good condition.

how to keep your handbags in good condition

i love my handbags. you love yours. now, let’s keep loving them for years to come by taking care of them the way we know we should. remember how to keep your bags in good condition — even if it’s just by following one step at a time. together, we’ve got this.

xo — sloane