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two ways to a better evening clutch purse

7月 03、2024

jetty open sketch

while carrying my whole life in my bag is a must for extended work days and maneuvering through airports, that’s entirely unnecessary for nights out. i don’t know about you, but there’s no way i’m wearing my large crossbody to dinner (even if she is a beaut). i want to shed my workday, not bring it with me while i’m trying to relax. essentials only, please! an evening out calls for something more minimal and sophisticated. in this regard, clutches have advantages — if designed to be better from the outset. . scaled back — but more functional. chic — but with more than just good looks.

i think a clutch is perfect for an event where you don’t necessarily need to keep your hands free and holding your bag in your hand or tucking it under your arm won’t be a nuisance. so i designed two different options that can serve as your evening clutch purse while offering organization. let’s take a look!

lightweight, no fuss

as a bag designer and all-around bag lover, i’m no stranger to large — and heavy — bags. been there, seen that. and carried that. so i can attest to just how much of a strain they put on your back, neck and shoulders. your poor, poor shoulders. that’s one of the reasons i design all shortyLOVE crossbody bags and backpacks to be better — extremely lightweight, plush for comfortable carrying, hands-free and gentler on your shoulders (hello, silky nylon straps). but i also see the need for a low-profile, no-fuss clutch/wallet you can put your hands on. case in point: our jetty. streamlined. . pleasingly plush, so it feels good in your palm, thanks to memory foam padding. and lightweight, with absolutely nothing to weigh you down. that’s advantage number one for carrying clutch purses for evening!

the ideal amount of space

one of the frequent complaints i hear against most clutch purses is their lack of space. i know we’re talking about evenings out here, but we generally need to carry more than many clutches allow lip gloss. i kept that in mind while designing the jetty with room for the essentials but a bit more. i gave it enough interior space with a depth of just under 1”, making just enough room for a phone, cash, lip gloss and even glasses. 

because i love having options, when i need to carry a bit more than the jetty can hold, i simply remove the strap from my wave quilted small cruiser crossbody bag and carry it as a clutch. love that quilted exterior — but the cruiser’s real advantage as a clutch is space. although only marginally taller and longer than the jetty, i designed the cruiser with a gusset, allowing the depth to expand by as much as 3 ⅝”. so you get more space without sacrificing the compact size.

more organized

if you have to dump out your clutch in order to find that one thing you need, that’s a poorly designed bag! inside the jetty, you’ll find something lacking in most clutches: the organization of a phone bag/wallet, along with the benefit of rfid-blocking protection to deter thieves who want to steal your credit card data. bonus, right? among the improvements on the typical day-to-evening clutch purse, our jetty features a slide-in bill compartment, six card slots in red nylon (easier to see your cards), and a pop-red zip coin pocket to hold your change. as you can see, the jetty may have a slim profile, but it has impressive organizational skills.

the small cruiser, on the other hand, offers handy zip pockets front and back for keys, phone and whatever you want to keep handy. stylish but also immensely practical, even for a small crossbody bag that doubles as a clutch/wallet! the cruiser is also organized inside, with 4 card slots (a few less than the jetty) and a zippered pocket for change or loose items.

did i mention both bags include our signature shortyLOVE blush lining to help you spot what you’re looking for? it’s true. unlike too many evening clutch purses out there, both the jetty and the small cruiser offer more than just good looks. organization is an advantage i refuse to go without — and you should, too. we all deserve a better clutch.

not ideal for every event

if you’re like me, you love a simple clutch. they’re minimalist modern and a great way to accessorize everything from summer dresses to sleek jumpsuits. but not for every event — especially standing or outdoor events. you bring an evening clutch purse to a sit-down dinner party. to restaurants. not to an outdoor function if you can help it. and certainly not to anything that requires holding a plate and a wine glass. and don’t even get me started on setting a clutch down. distractions happen. forgetfulness is all too common... wait, what was i saying?

it’s an issue if i set my clutch purse down and see a friend across the room, because that means i’m leaving my clutch unattended and at the mercy of strangers. nope. not taking chances. for this kind of evening, i’ll be wearing a slim, close-to-the-body crossbody bag or belt bag i don’t have to think twice about. and what if i need to respond to yesterday’s texts? sample appetizers? share cute pictures of doggos on insta? i can’t do any of that if i’m holding an evening clutch purse now, can i? if you’re either an octopus or a juggler, perhaps you’re a total pro at holding 100 multiple items at once — i am not. this particular clutch purse issue may not be a problem for you!

easy to live with

do you love an artful evening clutch as much as the next person but have no time or patience for fussy, precious bags you have to worry over? that would be me. even a bag i only carry occasionally needs to be easy to care for or forget it. that’s why i’ve designed all shortyLOVE bags with high-quality nylon that spot-cleans with simple soap and water. that’s especially important with a clutch you’ll have your hands on.

contemporary style

i don’t know about you, but i think there’s something about an evening clutch purse that feels so… of the moment. statement-making. one of the main clutch purse advantages is that it can upgrade any outfit. go from blah to relaxed sophistication with one little bag, such as the jetty. classic black. eye-catching leopard. a complementary shade. the choice is yours!

but i made sure you can also opt for a bag with a dimensional exterior — our small, wave quilted cruiser. slim, with an easy to hold profile, the look is fresh, and refined. plush yet polished. but very different from the smooth, sleek jetty. catch the quilted trend by simply accessorizing with a smart, organized, versatile clutch.

options! options!

obviously, i am not hands-free when i carry my jetty clutch/wallet, but i haven’t lost versatility. a huge advantage of an evening clutch purse is that i can carry by hand only when i want to during the day or when traveling, i like to tuck it into my tillie tote, amuse crossbody or boxer backpack so i have my essentials handy at a moment’s notice. come night, i take my clutch out for that much anticipated dinner reservation.

on the other hand, when i wear my small cruiser crossbody bag to work or while standing in the check-in line at the airport, i’m basically using it as my wallet with my id, cards and phone on me at all times. it only takes a few seconds to unclip the crossbody strap once i reach my destination and carry my bag as a clutch for dinner or a cocktail with friends.

clutch purse issues, solved

i love a good evening clutch purse. emphasis on good. because I don’t have the time or patience for a clutch that lacks organization and space. where do they expect us to put our phones? but that’s a story for another day, because i solved that problem when i designed the jetty clutch/wallet and the small cruiser crossbody (which doubles as a great clutch)!

you deserve a better clutch. softer. smarter. more organized. with room enough for your phone, cards, cash and a little more three cheers to clever evening clutch purses with all the functionality of a wallet and then some!

xo — sloane