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hi, sloane gibney grossberg here! i see you’ve stumbled on my unassuming little blog about designing softer, smarter, more organized handbags. as the founder and sole handbag designer for shortyLOVE, i’m always thinking about the kinds of problems my handbags need to solve. style is important, absolutely, but you deserve a bag with both style and substance. this blog is where i get to explain a little bit more to you about why my bags are designed the way they are. (i think about these things way too much!)

crossbody bag, tote bag, backpack, wallet, clutch, belt bag, cosmetic bag — ANY handbag, no matter the category, can become the solution to different sets of problems real life presents to us if designed thoughtfully. as far as i’m concerned, every bag should be able to make our days a little bit easier and maybe even a little more joyful. that’s why the design details should never be an afterthought. in this blog, i’ll try to explain some of those details to you — because even the smallest details count. confession: i’m a bit obsessed about handbags and can talk about them all day, but i’ll try to contain myself.

i know this is hardly news to you, but you have a zillion and one choices for your next handbag purchase. that’s why i’m so happy you’ve ended up here. i have immense respect for those who do their research before investing in a new bag. it’s kind of like starting a new long-term relationship, right? it makes sense to figure out if a brand is one you want to be seen with in public and whether a particular bag can be trusted to make you happy. i’m going to use this blog as an opportunity to show you that my intentions are good.