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a free-spirited cosmetic bag

we free spirits occasionally take wing. when we do, we pack up our lotions, potions, and travel-sized notions in our stevie nylon cosmetic bags. better than a mere makeup pouch, the stevie zips up our beauty bewitchery in classic dopp-kit style, with clever shortyLOVE touches and four colorways to choose from. designed with wipeable nylon (inside and out), the stevie’s interior features a zipped pocket and a slide pocket for organizing smaller items. plush and packable, this lightweight, zippered cosmetic bag is a cute, compact cube designed to tuck out of the way in an overnight bag. toss it in a travel-ready friday weekender, tillie tote, or boxer backpack, and let’s twirl our way to the next adventure. shortyLOVE. ready for flight at a moment’s notice.

a beauty more than skin-deep

is a bag just for makeup and toiletries an extravagance? we say no! our stevie nylon cosmetic bags exist for a reason: it allows you to take your travel-sized beauty regimen on the road without the fear of gooping up the inside of an unprotected bag. if you rely on a zip-close plastic bag from the grocery store as your everyday makeup pouch, stop. step up your style with our dopp kit-inspired, zippered cosmetic bag crafted of luxurious, water-resistant nylon twill inside and out. if a bottle or container leaks, wipe away the mess with a little soap and water. *insert sigh of relief here* … when the occasional mess happens, the chunky, high-quality zipper won’t rust because it’s made of vision, not metal. smart one, stevie. shortyLOVE. classic good looks. modern-day sensibility.

when you’ve really arrived

the first thing we do when we reach our destination: take out our stevie nylon cosmetic bag and set her by the bathroom mirror. it’s a small act that grounds us. this stylish addition to the vanity means now we’ve arrived. speaking of vanity, stevie is confident in her silhouette without taking herself too seriously. cute. organized. but always on standby. her end-to-end top zipper opens wide for loading and unloading at a moment’s notice. her coated nylon lining is in our signature blush, designed to help you spot items quickly. inside, an interior zippered pocket and a slide pocket rein in little whatsits — hair ties, floss, lip balms, etc. — so we no longer have to chase them around the bottom of a bag. shortyLOVE. yes, you’ve arrived.