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do you love your bag?

like most women, i’m crazy busy, love my work, love my family and want to do it all. i launched shortylove as a way for us to simplify the daily demands of a life led fully. i got my start in the luxury handbag business as design director for the marc jacobs collection in 2002, moving on three years later to take the creative reins of marc by marc jacobs handbags and accessories for the next decade. my life as a designer has taken me around the world, across asia and into italy to lay hands on the finest textiles and hardware crafted anywhere. those are the kind of sophisticated details that make a good bag better.

with shortyLOVE, i envisioned a softer, smarter, more organized bag that we could wear all day and forget about. functional but chic. classic rather than trendy. simple. i hope you love it.


people ask, “why shortyLOVE?”

shorty was my first dog. he saw me through my marc jacobs years and early sketches of my own bags, so of course i named my brand after him. shortyLOVE you forever! 

— Sloane Gibney Grossberg