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a backpack for grownups

when it comes to backpacks, designers must assume we’re in middle school, hiking the yukon or looking to ‘horse ourselves up’ with a stiff, heavy leather saddlebag. you deserve better! if you’re hunting for a stylish, sophisticated backpack for work, workout or travel, the boxer is an agile featherweight contender and all grownup. holds a lot, keeps you organized, won’t weigh you down. looking for a smart option for every day? the lightweight, organized ace is smaller, with a more streamlined silhouette — perfect when you don’t need to take it all. both bags are made of sleek, water-resistant nylon for light, plush, comfortable wear. luxe design cues, clever storage and 9 colorways complete your upgrade. shortyLOVE. because a better backpack is one of the better perks of adulthood.

a pack with a purpose

do you want a stylish backpack to take a ton from here to there — water bottle, towel and clothes to the gym, laptop and whatnot to the office, or carry-on for your flight? with zip and slide pockets inside and out, the boxer offers water bottle pockets, shoe compartment, padded laptop pocket and detachable pouch. or do you want a small pack to take everyday essentials, hands-free — wallet, phone, sunglasses, a book, etc? about the same size as our bestselling amuse crossbody, the street-smart ace has zip and slide pockets in and out, plus a handy key leash. both lightweight, nylon twill backpacks open wide for loading. shortyLOVE. don’t just go, go organized.

real-world chic

a more grownup backpack begins with more sophisticated materials. sleek, water-resistant nylon twill for lightness. the silky feel and high-end sheen of a luxury fabric but the wipe-ability of something far more reasonable. suddenly a ‘designer’ backpack is so much more. its contrasting blush nylon interior simplifies spotting what you need. structured padding creates a soft, plush carry. add in sturdy, oversized metal zippers on the exterior, with the stylish punctuation of waxed cotton cord pulls. plus a circular stitch detail at pressure points for added strength where the straps meet the body of the bag. shortyLOVE. maximum chic meets minimal nonsense.