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women’s nylon tote bags

looking for a better, smarter tote bag that won’t weigh you down? then you need one of shortylove’s tote bags! are you headed out to run errands, go to the office, get to your gym workout or jump on a plane? look at our medium tillie tote. getting away for an overnight or a last-minute weekend escape? throw it all in your mammoth friday weekender, toss in the trunk and go! our totes keep you organized and all zipped up without added weight. shortyLOVE tote bags with pockets free you from digging through the entire bag to find what you’re looking for. functionality, sturdiness and comfort, with style. the world deserves a better tote!

organized with pockets pockets pockets

ever wanted to grab something quickly in your tote only to dig in frustration as you realize that the bag is just a glorified pouch with zero compartments to separate your stuff? with shortyLOVE nylon tote bags, you don’t need excellent organizational skills just to make your bag functional. our durable tote bags with pockets help you make the most of their large capacity and organize your belongings for quick, easy access. both the tillie and friday have pockets inside and outside that can fit anything from your phone, wallet and keys to magazines, clothes and stevie cosmetic travel bag. tillie even has a padded laptop pocket find what you need quickly and never dig through your bag again!

high-quality materials for durability

your tote bag has to lug a ton, so we designed it to stand up to daily use. with a water-resistant, wipeable nylon twill fabric, soft but sturdy straps, high-quality metal zippers, structured internal padding and a structured base, plus circular stitching at pressure points, shortyLOVE tote bags are crafted to be durable and highly functional. why? because you need a tote that does more than just look good. ours are made for busy people like us who prioritize comfort and utility over superficially designed bags that lack practicality. shortyLOVE’s plush nylon tote bags feel soft, molding against your body. if you’re looking for a bag with quality craftsmanship that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life and look good while doing it, look no further than shortyLOVE totes.