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strap in!

not gonna lie, we love options (and we’re pretty sure you do, too). that’s why, from the very beginning, shortyLOVE crossbody bags were designed with removable straps to give you a choice: wear your bag or carry your bag. but why stop there? we created our collection of boardwalk custom bag straps to punch up the look of your wonder, amuse or shorthand. graphic. eye-catching. color-amped. dare we say fun? our interchangeable bag straps give you a way to switch-up your strap for a more custom look, change the whole vibe of your daily carry and coordinate with your outfit as the mood strikes you. boardwalk crossbody straps are 2” wide for comfortable wear and adjustable from 23” to 55” so you can get the fit just right. shortyLOVE. strapped with personality.

weaving a better strap

smart, high-quality bags with luxe details — that’s what we’re known for. when it comes to custom bag straps, we’re not about to compromise on those either. our boardwalk collection of accessory straps is crafted to the same standard you’ve come to expect from us. the designs are fully woven, never printed. the sturdy nylon twill used for your shortyLOVE bag’s original strap is also used for the boardwalk. strap ends are turned under and stitched so there are no exposed edges to unravel. soft and comfortable across your shoulder, our crossbody straps are designed for daily wear and spot-clean with soap and water just like the original. of course, we added the same high-grade metal hardware, including the swivel dog clips that ensure your bag falls perfectly against you as you move. shortyLOVE. bag straps you can count on, as is our custom.

the mood is bold

with our adjustable, interchangeable boardwalk bag straps, the choice is yours: check yourself or carry a bag of a different stripe. our black and cream checkerboard strap sets the mood for classic while vibrant stripes play off the 9 colorways of our crossbody bags in standout style. mix it up! each of our boardwalk straps coordinates with several colorways, so express yourself! from our softer, smarter nylon twill bags to our crossbody straps for purses, everything we make is vegan-friendly and guilt-free. shortyLOVE. designing ways for you to boldly go.