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a crossbody for everybody

a better ‘designer’ crossbody bag begins with a better design. soft, light and plush with structured internal padding to hold the shape. rounded corners that won’t dig into your hip. high-quality, water-resistant nylon twill with the sheen of high-end italian fabrics. a removable, adjustable shoulder strap that resists sliding. convertibility so you can wear as a hands-free crossbody or shoulder bag, or carry by the handle. organized with pockets inside and out, in three sizes: the wonder messenger bag is roomy enough for work or workout and offers a padded laptop pocket, the amuse crossbody bag is a just-right daily carry, and the shorthand phone bag is a small crossbody for essentials. shortyLOVE. you carry a lot. why not carry it well?

multitaskers, unite!

the best ‘designer’ crossbody bags free your hands so you can move through your day unencumbered. perfect for a multitasker. our mantra is never let a bag slow you down, so we’re making busy days easier one lighter, more organized, more refined crossbody bag at a time here. a few improvements on crossbody design: a streamlined exterior without unnecessary bulk, a soft silhouette that relaxes against your hip, and a removable, adjustable, woven nylon strap that wears comfortably across your body or over your shoulder. no digging. no sliding. so you can throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care. shortyLOVE. hands-free is the only way to be.

for non-stop schedules and actual humans

we can all appreciate the craft that goes into big-name ‘designer’ bags. but who among us has the time and energy to baby a bag? most of us need a practical (but stylish!) bag we can rely on busy day after busy day. that doesn’t have to mean boring. at shortyLOVE, we went big on the smallest details to elevate your go-to crossbody bag from utilitarian to rock star… bold, statement-making metal zippers. a sturdy dog clip that swivels as you move so your bag always falls just right. a light blush lining selected to simplify spotting that elusive item. and that’s just the beginning! shortyLOVE. soft. sleek. and all-day organized. rockin’ in the real world.