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boardwalk - custom nylon bag straps


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mix it up!

colorful, woven nylon straps to punch up the personality of your shortyLOVE crossbody bag.

dimensions: 2" w; length extends from 23" to 55"

weight: 0.34 lbs

  • Crafted of the same sturdy nylon twill found in all shortyLOVE straps, selected for its soft touch, high-end sheen and proven durability
  • Silky, woven nylon feels good across shoulders unlike rough canvas straps that can chafe
  • Removable and adjustable for a comfortable fit
  • Features the same high-quality, statement-making metal hardware as our original straps
  • Swivel dog clips ensure easy on/off and that your bag falls just right during wear
  • Fabric shortyLOVE logo tag sewn into the back
  • A fully woven design — not printed, unlike lesser quality straps
  • No raw edges, long ends are turned and top-stitched
  • Spot clean with mild detergent. Air dry.

picture a postcard-perfect waterfront. the shimmer of waves as they slow-roll to shore. a salty breeze. and the cast of characters: fascinating folk of every stripe. surfers, sun worshippers, sightseers, club hoppers, people watchers. so distinct, so different, and yet the boardwalk draws them all. captivating. — sloane

boardwalk - custom nylon bag straps

strapped with personality

a better bag deserves a better strap, as you’ll find on all of our shortyLOVE crossbody bags — removable, so you can switch up your look with our colorful, vegan-friendly nylon boardwalk straps. from checks to stripes, have a little fun! boardwalk straps are here to punch up the personality of your wonder, amuse or shorthand. soft but durable and measuring 2” wide, they wear comfortably across your shoulder and adjust from 23” to 55” for your ideal fit. so strap in!

the quality you expect

‘better made’ is in the details… boardwalk straps are woven, never printed, and crafted using the same sturdy nylon twill as all shortyLOVE straps. we take the time to turn the strap ends under and stitch them so there are no exposed edges to unravel. each boardwalk strap is made with the same premium metal hardware as the original, including the swivel clips that allow your bag to fall just right as you move. carefully selected hardware can do that. it’s the little things.