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strap in! we’re personalizing your bag with color

June 06, 2023


when it comes to expressing yourself, can you think of anything more personal than color? you can use color to reflect your mood, or you can even use it to change your mood, bringing more fun and energy to an otherwise routine day. the possibilities are seemingly endless, so let’s explore…

color is my bag, and yours!

as a bag designer and long-time adherent of color theory — the nuanced art and science of hue, shade, tint, and tone in fashion — it’s my job to think deeply about color. my goal is to create harmonious color combinations. i’ve used color theory to design a bag collection that feels unique to shortyLOVE yet speaks to your individual preferences, along with boardwalk straps to help you punch it up and personalize your shorthand, amuse, or wonder crossbody bag.

our shortyLOVE crossbodies are designed with removable straps, which allow you to change things up as you see fit. adding a colorful boardwalk strap to a handbag with changeable straps is like gaining a whole new bag and a whole new look. have a little fun! coordinate your straps with your outfits, match your mood, or punch up your vibe. because our bags are available in a wide range of colors, i’ve created a strap collection that can help you personalize your shortyLOVE bag, no matter which style you own.

phenomenal color combos

each of our boardwalk straps coordinates with several colorways, so you can feel free to experiment and personalize your bag in any number of ways. need a visual reference? you can find photos of our straps paired with different shortyLOVE bags to give you an idea of the look you can achieve. the idea is to express yourself! 


here’s a quick guide if you want an idea of which boardwalk strap looks best with which color bag…


pairs perfectly with black and, for a little pattern play, really sets off grey camo — but don’t stop there! this classic checkerboard strap design also adds a graphic punch to our red, grey, and navy crossbody bags. 


this gorgeous color combo really sets off the rich tone of our burgundy crossbody bags. the stripes also look fab paired with our red bags, and i’m unexpectedly loving how it looks with black!


this bright, summery color trio just can’t miss with shortyLOVE army green and green camo crossbody bags. that touch of yellow really seals the deal.


a soft, sophisticated color combination that adds a whole new layer of style to our blue camo, burgundy, army green, and navy crossbody bags.


adds a perfectly sunny color pop to your grey, grey camo, or black shortyLOVE crossbody bags.


happiness, striped! i love this strap as a bold, standout contrast to our navy, red, or black crossbody bags.



creating color harmony

i’m sure you’ve looked at the shortyLOVE collection as a whole and noticed that our signature blush pink interior and round, blush logo badge unite the bags across colors. that’s not an accident! i believe in a cohesive collection and used blush as the foundation to build our full range around. the colors ultimately have to work together such that each colorway of bag we introduce is sure to complement all the other colors of bags in our collection. once that formula was figured out, it was easy to come up with accessory boardwalk straps to add yet another layer of color to the collection.

what’s your color personality?

from makeup to fashion to your home’s interior, we tend to be drawn to one color family over another — and often feel like we look and feel better in the company of colors that complement our skin tone. i tend toward cool colors and neutrals; how about you? are you more frequently drawn to the warm, energetic colors found in our red and burgundy bags? are cool, calming colors like our navy, navy camo, green and green camo bags your go-to style? or perhaps you prefer the neutral, achromatic shades found in our grey, grey camo, and black bags to achieve a more minimalist look? 

no matter which color family appeals to you the most, by simply adding a boardwalk strap, you can go from just neutral (black bag) to neutral with a warm color pop (grey/yellow/black strap). or go from just cool (navy bag) to cool with a warm color pop (rainbow stripe strap). or go from red hot (red bag) to red hot with a dramatic, neutral strap (checkerboard). you have so many options — it’s fun to play with color combos!

a better strap for a better bag

with our accessory straps, there’s no compromising on quality. our adjustable boardwalk straps are crafted of the same soft but sturdy woven nylon twill as the strap that originally came with your shortyLOVE bag. we also use the same high-quality, statement-making metal hardware as our original straps — including the swivel clips that allow your bag to fall just right as you move. measuring 2” wide, our changeable straps wear comfortably across your shoulder and adjust from 23” to 55” for your ideal fit. and everything we make is vegan-friendly and guilt-free.

where did the name ‘boardwalk’ come from?

it’s no secret that i’m a jersey girl through and through. as you might expect, i frequently mine my garden state roots to come up with the names of my shortyLOVE designs. growing up, i spent my days riding my bike to the new jersey shore, picking starfish off the jetty, and, yes, people-watching on the bustling boardwalk with my close gaggle of friends. 

the thing you notice first when wandering that iconic stretch of boardwalk lining the sandy jersey shore is the way it draws so many different personalities: laid-back surfers, bronzed beach-goers, gawking tourists, and dressed-up club-goers stepping outside from a noisy shoreline nightspot for a breath of fresh sea air, just to name a few. 

at any time, these boardwalk characters seem to switch roles on a whim — a surfer goes to a nightclub, a tourist sets out their umbrella on the beach, or learns to surf. our boardwalk straps are a nod to how humans are fascinatingly complex and contain multitudes. there’s no one story for any of us, nor should there be, and we’re writing new roles for ourselves all the time. welcome to the boardwalk.

xo — sloane

sloane gibney grossberg is the founder of and sole designer for shortyLOVE. a jersey girl always and forever, she’s devoted to her husband and two children, stays close to her sisters, walks her dogs daily, falls hard for a smarter bag, and feels very fortunate to design them for a living. 
sloane got her start as senior designer for the marc jacobs collection in 2002, moving up three years later to take the creative reins of marc by marc jacobs handbags and accessories for a decade. noting an unmet demand for stylish bags that could help streamline busy days, she launched shortyLOVE in 2018.