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you deserve a better bag

how do you design a more functional handbag without sacrificing style? make it softer. lighter. avoid stiff and awkward. use silky, durable nylon twill for a luxurious, soft-wearing bag that’s water-resistant and wipeable. smart, right? craft a sleek silhouette that wears close to the body and never gets in the way. organize it with clever storage compartments, zippers to hold items in check and a blush interior to help rushed people find what they need quickly. solve everyday problems with a range of perfect everyday bags… an arcade belt bag offers hands-free shopping on evenings out, while a boxer backpack holds it all without added weight. from crossbody bag to wallet, from tote to weekender, shortyLOVE has a better answer. you deserve it.

the right bag for a busy day

can a well-designed bag really make life a little easier? it can! and the perfect handbag for your day is as functional as you need it to be. need to pare back to a phone, a few cards and lip gloss? shop our chic little shorthand phone bag. going light and hands-free? size up a stylish arcade belt bag. prefer a crossbody bag? compare a mid-sized amuse to a spacious wonder messenger bag (customize with boardwalk straps). would you love a better tote? zip up a tillie. vacay looming? bring our boxer backpack, behemoth friday weekender tote and stevie cosmetic bag. how about a cuter commuter? browse our concise, city-smart ace backpack. need a new wallet? see our small merchant or jetty clutch/rfid wallet. shortyLOVE. designed to be indispensable.

designed for real life

you want a more sophisticated bag. one that looks fab season after season. we want that for you, too — and so much more. we believe it’s time you had a lightweight, functional handbag that works as hard as you do. and the perfect everyday bag is all about real-world details. it should be a joy to throw on. soft. effortless. wear it and forget it! with pockets upon pockets to keep you organized. a sleek nylon twill exterior that wipes down with simple soap and water. with added strength at pressure points. high-quality zippers that open wide. thoughtful water bottle pockets, padded laptop pockets and, yes, even a shoe compartment in styles where those details make sense. shortyLOVE. see how pulled-together begins with a super savvy bag.