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stevie - small cosmetic bag

green camo
army green

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a free-spirited small cosmetic bag to hold your lotions, potions and travel-sized notions.

dimensions: 6" h x 7" l x 6 3/8" d

weight: 0.4 lbs

does not support boardwalk straps or other crossbody straps

  • Top opens wide so you can see all your stuff — keeps it all secure and easy to access
  • Flat, structured bottom allows bag to stand up
  • Classic, dopp-kit style nylon twill loops on either end, no straps
    • Coated, signature-blush nylon lining for wipeability
    • Top zipper closure zips up your travel toiletries for overnights and other flights of fancy
    • Pop-red zip pocket keeps hair ties, sunscreen and small essentials in check
    • Slide pocket in blush keeps lip gloss, mascara, toothbrush and other slim items handy

    Water-resistant nylon twill fabricated to achieve what we love most about high-end Italian fabrics: durability, a wearable, soft drape and feminine aesthetic


    Our luxurious, signature blush nylon is coated for easy wipe-downs

      • Chunky, high-quality vislon zipper for durability and style
      • Waxed cotton cord pulls on exterior zippers
      • Enamel shortyLOVE logo plaque
      • Plush for packability
      • Structured base allows bag to stand up for loading
      • Structured internal padding helps to hold shape

      Spot clean with mild detergent. Air dry.

      who is stevie? there’s only one, as far as i’m concerned, and i see a little of her free spirit in all of
      us... the bohemian queen. the bewitching muse. the rock star boss lady. out here with our bag of
      lotions and potions, twirling into infinity. — sloane

      stevie - small cosmetic bag

      cute, cubed

      meet stevie, our small cosmetic bag is packed with personality and eager to wing away with you on your next free-spirited adventure. hers is a classic-yet-quirky kind of beauty that mixes dopp kit-styling with a modern aesthetic and clever details. her plush, lightweight cube proportions are small and packable yet sizable enough to comfortably fit your travel-sized beauty regimen. pockets: a plus. messes: handled. her easy-going, water-resistant nylon twill cleans up with a little soap and water — the lining is coated for added wipeability. her chunky, high-quality, end-to-end vision zipper opens wide and — this is key — cannot rust when the inevitable spill happens. stevie tucks unobtrusively into your friday weekender, tillie tote or boxer backpack for overnight escapes on a whim, last-minute weekend getaways, and well-planned vacations. shortyLOVE. zip up your cosmetic bewitchery and take flight.

      your dropped pin

      it seems like such a small act, but the moment you set your stevie small cosmetic bag on the vanity at your hotel room or vacation rental is the moment you’ve arrived: destination achieved, let the fun begin. while you’re off exploring, stevie serves as your dropped pin on the map. you’ll return to her again and again for neatly organized bottles, tubes, and pots of sunscreen, cleanser, moisturizer and sundry cosmetic paraphernalia for the length of your stay. that’s how our compact but immensely cute makeup bag grounds you. but stevie does more than that. her coated nylon lining, in our signature blush, helps you spy what you need quickly so you can get to your dinner reservation on time. her interior zippered pocket and slide pocket contain of all your little whatsits — hair ties, floss, lip balms — so you don’t have to chase them around the bottom of the bag while your lyft driver waits on the curb. shortyLOVE. the bullseye on your vanity.