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friday, a durable nylon weekender bag for your trip

November 30, 2023

weekender travel bag

the weekend is finally here. if you’re like me, you’re more than ready to shake off the busy week you’ve had and pack for that weekend trip. the only problem is, i need a bag that can effortlessly hold my whole world without adding a lot of weight! so what did i do? i designed our friday, a nylon weekender bag that delivers big on storage and style, of course. the perfect weekend companion, the friday mega-weekender bag is crafted from gorgeous nylon twill fabric and is just what i need to hold a few outfit changes and all the little extras i want to bring on a last-minute weekend getaway.

plenty of packable space

this is a big one when it comes to must-haves in a massive weekender bag. since it’s the main bag i’ll be carrying (i like to tuck my stevie cosmetic bag inside, add my jetty wallet/clutch to the front pocket so it’s handy, and sling on an everyday handbag like the amuse or wonder). i knew i would need a lot of space to accommodate clothes, shoes, phone charger and other items. designed with real life and first-hand traveling experience in mind, our friday nylon weekender bag makes packing easy with its spacious storage. the flat, structured bottom lets the bag stand up as i throw in my weekend trip essentials. its capacity lets me fit all my stuff in, and the top opens extra wide so i can see what’s in my bag. hello, faster and easier packing!

durability you can count on

as much as i wanted to design a bag with extra storage capacity, i made sure not to overlook durability. like all of our shortyLOVE bags, friday’s water-resistant nylon twill is made for real life and spot cleans like a pro. the chunky zipper is high quality because you, like me, want to invest in a bag that’s made for the real world. the friday offers durability that’ll take you from this weekend’s trip to the next and on and on and on...

our nylon friday weekender bag’s lining may be hidden, but it’s certainly not forgotten. it features our signature blush nylon, which lets me easily see everything in my bag without digging forever, and provides a glamorous touch that i love (i think you will, too).

easy to carry

ever carried a big bag that was not only hard to carry but also rough on your shoulders? not fun. i wanted a weekender to offer as much ease as it has style. i designed ours after looking at the other weekender bags out there and made it plush. the soft nylon twill fabric allows for comfortable carry, anywhere i go. it’s got no leather or rough canvas, and no sharp corners at the bottom to bruise my hip, and the structured padding makes it a joy to carry. i made sure the friday nylon weekender bag has our backs — well, shoulders — covered. the soft, silky straps are designed not to chafe while carrying the friday to the car, vacation rental or hotel room. its slip-resistant straps are not too wide and not too skinny, so they sit securely across the shoulder. no more struggling with a heavy weekender bag thanks to lightweight nylon!

better organization for a weekender

there are those that are great at organization, and then there are the rest of us. but imagine arriving at my travel destination after braving holiday traffic — and actually being able to find everything i need in an instant. sound too good to be true? it’s not when you have a friday weekender bag with some organization to rein in the little bits, like chargers, lip balms and keys. its design is smarter because that’s shortyLOVE’s thing — the circular reinforced stitching at stress points, the flat bottom, the zipper that opens from either end, extra wide so i can easily pack or see in when i need to grab something, with lighter lining so i can spot things, the chunky, quality zipper, durable fabric that wipes clean, lightweight, the storage pockets, the sleek profile that packs flat into a drawer or hangs up out of the way without taking up too much room while it’s waiting for my next escape. now when i need to quickly grab my small wallet like the jetty, i can do it quickly and easily.

all about style

maybe style isn’t necessarily a priority with a weekender bag, but it should be! who doesn’t want to travel in style with functional weekender bag that’s also a head-turner? just say yes to bags that provide utility and practicality while also delivering the right dose of style. we want a bag that can do it all — just like us.

it’s all in the details with our nylon weekender bag. oversized metal zippers add a luxe touch that stands out. nylon twill fabric is soft and wearable without sacrificing durability. the blush interior nylon is an opulent touch with an unexpected sensibility. high-quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design are at the center of the friday so you can maintain your style as you take on the world.

effortless maintenance

easy maintenance with my weekender bag is a must. even if i’m careful, things happen. i don’t want to scour the internet for cleaning hacks that won’t mess up my bag’s exterior or interior, especially in the middle of my trip. all shortyLOVE bags are designed with durability in mind, including the friday nylon weekender bag. made with easy-to-cleanup nylon twill fabric, it’s the effortless travel bag of my dreams. all i need to do is spot clean with a mild detergent and let dry. spills, be gone!

made for versatility

maybe i’m heading on an overnight trip a few towns over. maybe i’m heading to the coast for the weekend. either way, a weekender bag needs to accommodate my needs, providing the ultimate in carrying, functionality, style and comfort. our friday nylon weekender bag is designed for versatility, regardless of where life takes me. chic style, the mindful choice of nylon twill fabric for durability, and ample storage let me make the bag my own for my travels.

sophisticated style. spacious storage.

often, the success of a weekend trip comes down to how well-prepared i am. did i remember to bring my phone charger this time? how about that book i’ve had on my to-be-read list for the last month? my weekender is like a lifeline to home, carrying all my weekend getaway essentials, stylishly. having a chic bag that’s crafted for durability, functionality and easier carrying, the friday is the do-it-all nylon weekender bag that makes last-minute travel effortless.

this beautiful behemoth is your super-sized getaway companion for overnights and long weekends. toss your things into this monumental tote bag, throw it in the trunk and head out. ready to go on your next adventure? for me it’s the jersey shore. maybe i’ll see you there!

xo — sloane

sloane gibney grossberg is the founder of and sole designer for shortyLOVE. a jersey girl always and forever, she’s devoted to her husband and two children, stays close to her sisters, walks her dogs daily, falls hard for a smarter bag, and feels very fortunate to design them for a living. 
sloane got her start as senior designer for the marc jacobs collection in 2002, moving up three years later to take the creative reins of marc by marc jacobs handbags and accessories for a decade. noting an unmet demand for stylish bags that could help streamline busy days, she launched shortyLOVE in 2018.