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hello! a better crossbody bag for your cell phone

May 04, 2022

hello! a better crossbody bag for your cell phone

how many times have you been out and about when it suddenly dawned on you that your full-sized handbag was way more bag than you actually needed at the moment? it used to happen to me more often than i'd like to admit. your go-to large messenger bag, shoulder bag or tote bag hardly makes sense when all you need on you is your iphone, your ID, a few credit cards, lip gloss and your keys. sometimes the smartest move is to travel light and keep your hands free. the answer for those occasions: a cute, lightweight phone bag that can also keep you organized! 



i designed shortyLOVE’s shorthand mobile phone bag to be the perfect little gem, with no bulk to weigh you down or get in your way. if you’ve never had a bag this compact in your life before, let me show you what a difference it can make!



designing a better phone bag 101



1. minimize



even before i began sketches for this bag , i jotted down a notebook’s worth of words as inspiration: breezy, ultra-light,  chic, minimalist, hands-free and so on. sometimes i need a bag that can be all that — and so do you. in order to accomplish that aesthetic, I knew early on that i wanted to pare back and eliminate anything unnecessary from your typical phone bag. 



but what does your typical phone bag or small crossbody bag look like? let’s explore our options...



2. study the landscape



taking a look at the other designer phone bags, cell phone pouches and cell phone purse wallet options out there, i saw a lot of design cues i wanted to improve on:



stiff leather crossbody phone bags? out. a soft bag is considerably more comfortable to wear, especially if you’re on the move. 



crossbody phone bags that are really glorified phone cases with zero storage, no card slots or organizing capability? get out of here with that. we need to keep at least the essentials on us. 



tiny coin purses with no strap or those wristlet wallets? cute, but we need our hands! the shortyLOVE phone bag was going to require a full-length strap so you can just wear it and forget about it. in my opinion, you should be able to throw on a slim, adjustable crossbody shoulder bag effortlessly, never having to use your hands until you need to use your mobile phone on the fly or instantly grab a credit card from your card holder without missing a beat. 



the phone shoulder bag that tucks under your armpit? big nope. who needs that kind of sweat-fest? 



you’ve no doubt seen plenty of options that feature a flashy chainlink shoulder strap. bling! uncomfortable to wear, digs into your shoulder and heats up in the sun. i'm not about to do that to you.



the pouch-style phone bag with the drawstring at the top? i find pouch bags too awkward and difficult to get into. the blousy fabric just makes it hard to find what i'm looking for quickly. 



and how about the phone bags with a flap? as far as i'm concerned, that’s just one more obstacle designed to slow me down — not to mention a waste of material. i prefer sleek, simple, classic.



3. make it small and sleek



keeping all that in mind, how did i go about designing the shorthand? a phone bag serves a specific purpose, so i built the bag’s proportions around the modern-day lifeline that keeps us all connected and on schedule: the cellphone. your phone is a compact size and i feel that a good crossbody cell phone bag should be as well. 



the profile of your phone bag should be slender like the phone itself, with a little extra room for the few small items you need to bring with you — but not so much that your phone is shifting around. as our smallest crossbody bag measuring 8” h x 6” w and only 1/4” d, the shorthand is the perfect size. and with our adjustable strap, you can wear it low, high or however you like.



at a mere quarter-inch deep, there’s no need for a phone pocket — the entire main compartment is your phone holder. the depth of your phone bag also matters. i don’t have the time or patience to dig for my phone, so i prefer a bag only slightly taller than my phone, with just enough room to tuck in a pair of readers or sunglasses, and card slots to hold my credit cards.