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brilliant gift giving

by all means, you can choose that lucky someone’s gift for them, and they will probably love your thoughtful selection. after all, you can recognize a stylish gift when you see one. but if you have doubts about what will make them happiest, here’s the secret to true gift-giving genius: a shortyLOVE gift card lets them choose the softer, smarter, more organized bag of their dreams for themselves, so you KNOW they’ll love it. shortyLOVE gift cards are available in increments of $50, $100, $150, $200, and $300, with absolutely no fees. simply choose the amount you’d like to give, add your personal message and boom, you’re done! deciding which style and which colorway to put the gift card toward is completely up to your recipient. your giftee gets the item they love most and you — you get that sweet, sweet rush of relief and satisfaction. shortyLOVE. brilliant gift-giving without leaving your couch.

last minute gifts, solved

birthday. graduation. mother’s day. valentine’s day. anniversary. thank you… gift giving occasions are oh so plentiful. your time, however, is not. whether your hands are completely full, you dread wandering through stores hopelessly searching for the perfect gift or simply want to avoid the holiday rush, shortyLOVE has your last-minute gifts solved with gift cards you can buy online! your purchase can be made in seconds, at any time, when it’s most convenient for your busy schedule. no hemming and hawing over which thing to choose. no crowds. no line at the post office. your gift card will be sent immediately and will arrive in their email inbox right away. your lucky recipient will get to choose something amazing for herself, and you can keep moving knowing you selected a stylish yet ultimately useful treat for someone special — without added stress. shortyLOVE. instant gratification all the way around.

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