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new shortyLOVE bag colors

February 23, 2024

light pink small crossbody bag

as much love and attention i give as a designer to designing bags that are softer, that are more organized, i also love exploring color. how could i not? it’s such a big part of self-expression. use it to change up your style. to express your mood. to have a little fun! that’s why i’m always dreaming up new color combinations i can share with my shortyLOVERs. one day you may want to throw on a light pink crossbody bag, but the next day just begs for khaki and bright orange.

shortyLOVE launched five years ago with black and navy, two tried-and-true colors that work well with most people’s wardrobes. next up, we introduced our extremely popular camos: green, grey and blue. featuring a contrasting, sunny yellow strap, green camo became our very first two-toned handbags. since then, we’ve expanded the collection with more options. i’ve worked hard to create a cohesive collection of colors that coordinate with each other, so you can feel free to mix it up. let’s take a look at your options…. 


leopard medium tote bag

leopard, our newest introduction. it’s stylish. confident. fierce. just like you. you can wear leopard to show your wild side. or wear it as the timeless classic and modern neutral it’s now become.

i love throwing on a leopard shortyLOVE bag as both a neutral and as a fun stand-out. black tees, jeans and a leopard bag are practically begging to be worn together – who am i to say no? our leopard bag pairs well with neutrals like black, olive, tan, gold or white but is also a great contrast to blue denim, reds and burgundy, as well as purple tones. want to personalize it? accessorize your leopard crossbody with our black/brown/almond boardwalk strap. pounce on it.

slate/teal colorblock

a teal small phone-wallet crossbody bag

i design shortyLOVE bags with colors that work in harmony with one another — like slate and teal. i’ve been a fan of color blocking from the time i was a design student studying the bauhaus movement. i’ve always found something so striking in setting strong colors side by side, so i was was thrilled when we recently introduced our colorblocked slate/teal crossbody bags, tote bags and wallets.

it’s also a little different from the rest of the . how? rather than having a singular color, it has three! the front is a cool slate grey, the back is a serene teal and our crossbodies and totes are finished with mocha straps and finished with straps. to top it off, i also designed a slate/teal/mocha boardwalk crossbody strap. i’m really loving the combo — and i think you will, too.

light pink

a light pink wonder large crossbody bag

2023 belonged to barbie and the fashion world went head over heels for pink. i love pink, too, but for our shortyLOVE bags, i toned it down to a refined shade that works for all seasons — this pink has staying power. another opportunity to create two-toned handbags, this colorway features a sophisticated light pink on the body with contrasting khaki straps. the color complements our signature blush pink interior like a dream.

i love wearing a light pink crossbody bag as a modern neutral, but i think it also works perfectly as a subtle pop of color. so chic. add our navy/blue/pink or burgundy/pink/red boardwalk strap to your crossbody for a personal touch.


a khaki ace small backpack

i designed our drop-dead gorgeous khaki and orange color combo to be light, bright and oh so right — for warm weather, sweater weather, for any season. a classic, sophisticated neutral that goes with just about every color in the spectrum, khaki looks especially good with greens, blues, teal and summer whites. that extra pop of orange takes khaki from plain to wow in an instant — a perfect pairing. i’m seeing a pattern here: i must love two-toned handbags, because i keep designing them and you keep asking for more! for your khaki crossbody, our mocha/khaki/blue/orange boardwalk strap really dials up the contrast.


a burgundy merchant small wallet

if our light pink crossbody isn’t quite you and you’d like a new color that’s a little deeper consider burgundy. darker than pink but richer than red, burgundy offers the perfect balance within the red family.

p.s. i think this color would look great paired with one of our leopard, pink or burgundy merchant small wallets!


a grey amuse medium crossbody bag

people kept asking for grey shortyLOVE bags, so of course I sketched designs like mad until i came up with something that was eye-catching for a color that’s typically neutral. with a cool, crisp, sophisticated undertone, our versatile shade of grey coordinates particularly well with blues, greens, dark grey and black. i added contrasting black accents to really set the grey apart on the body, with chunky, sunshine yellow straps to add a vibrant pop of color — the perfect amount of fun! this three-toned design goes a step beyond our two-toned handbags with three tones for a bold, anything but dull look. throw on one of our grey/yellow/black boardwalk straps to your crossbody to bring it all together!


a red arcade crossbody belt bag

perhaps a light pink crossbody bag is too tame for you? well let me tell you about red... from bright scarlet to deep crimson, from pinky coral to rich sangria, the scale is vast! how do you even begin to select the right shade for a bag collection? as a designer, it’s my job to be discerning when it comes to color — after all, you’re going to wear it, so not just any hue will do. for shortyLOVE, i envisioned a pure, vibrant red with a cool blue base. confident. classic. sublime.

getting color right is more than an art, it’s science. so the fabric mill and i went back and forth. i selected the shade i wanted to achieve, the mill sent me what they call a strike off (a sample, essentially), i asked for adjustments, they sent another strike off, and so on.

we took the time to get it right. and the result? the truest, pickiest red ever for shortyLOVE bags. i set it off with black straps and black accents for yet another two-toned handbag. the ideal accompaniment for your crossbody bag: a red/black or black/cream check boardwalk strap.

customize with colorful straps

a colorful boardwalk custom nylon bag

color is so transformative – and impactful. think about it. how many times have you seen a shirt (or anything else, really) and wished it just came in another color? i know i have. i want you to have options with your bags at shortyLOVE. for me, that starts with designing bags in different colorways and extends to personalizing your bag with customization options.

whether you have one of our large, medium or small crossbody bags in black, the simple addition of a colorful strap changes the look completely.crafted using soft and durable nylon twill, our adjustable boardwalk straps come in 10 different colorways that you can use to change up the look of your crossbody. whether you want to match it with the new bag colors or experiment with color, it’s your turn to play designer. how cool is that?

shortyLOVE bag colors

when i design, my goal is to provide my shortyLOVERs with bags that solve your everyday carry issues that are going to give you utility without sacrificing style. along with our softer, smarter, more organized designs, color is integral to achieving your own style. express your personality. change up your look. color can do it all!

xo – sloane

sloane gibney grossberg is the founder of and sole designer for shortyLOVE. a jersey girl always and forever, she’s devoted to her husband and two children, stays close to her sisters, walks her dogs daily, falls hard for a smarter bag, and feels very fortunate to design them for a living. 
sloane got her start as senior designer for the marc jacobs collection in 2002, moving up three years later to take the creative reins of marc by marc jacobs handbags and accessories for a decade. noting an unmet demand for stylish bags that could help streamline busy days, she launched shortyLOVE in 2018.